Monday, December 5, 2011

Toronto Family Photography | Dash: Playing in the Leaves

There is something magical about photographing children. The innocence, the energy, a certain sense of wonder. I literally had a smile on the whole time I edited these. Which could explain why I took so long, because I can break up the editing into chunks at a time and prolong my sense of glee.

Justin & Ming, thank you for sharing a little piece of your Sunday morning with me in the park. I could spend the whole day following little Dash around :D

The day after our shoot, Justin told me that Dash was saying "Bye Janice!" for about an hour. *heart explodes* Seriously if you are ever in dire need to offload him for a day and your usual choices of babysitters aren't available, just let me know!

"I can do it Daddy!"

"The tree is so BIG!"