Wednesday, October 27, 2010

autumn sun

Fall has always been my favourite season - what is it about this season? The cool but comfortable, for the most part, temperature. The comfy spot between the sweltering heat of the summer (if we are lucky that is, it is Canada after all) and the blistering cold of the winter. Even the rain is bearable in Fall. The leafs that turn all shades of yellow, orange and red (again, dependent on the weather fairy when you live in Canada). And after they fall, the rustling noise they make as you step through them. Furthermore, there was always something so sentimental about the season for me. 

Recently though, I've discovered something else I love about Fall - the autumn sun. There is a special quality to the sunlight in the Fall mornings. Bright and warm, it envelopes you in the crisp mornings and casts a golden hue to everything it touches. I love it, and makes me want to lay lazily by the water all day :)

in the autumn sun

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dulci said...

i'm with you - Fall is my favorite time of year!!