Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Travelogue: Edinburgh

When I traveled to Scotland in May with M, I had an inkling that I would fall in love with the Scottish Highlands. After all, I've seen so many wonderful photos. But I had no idea that I would like Edinburgh so much. Emerging from the Waverley train station, we were immediately greeted by views of the Royal Mile. I thought, wow we are walking straight into history. The entire city seems to have been built with the exact same kind of stone, the kind that yellows a bit with age. There's something about old cities that I just love, I like knowing that the city did not tear something down just because it was over 50 years old.

Edinburgh felt like a city that aged well, and proudly! There was not a single sky scraper in sight. Throughout the few days we were there, it drizzled and sprinkled the kind of rain that Scotland seems to specialize in when it isn't pouring :) The sun made rare appearances. Because of that, afternoon cream tea stops felt especially lovely. 

Below is one of my favourite photos from the city, a look down a typical "close" off of the Royal Mile, which is a narrow alley. 
If you haven't been, plan a visit now. Please?

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Nataliya said...

Cream tea stops? Awesome!
This definitely convinced me :)