Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mississauga Baby Photography | Lincoln: Pumpkins & Christmas Lights

Remember this cute baby? I spent some time last month and captured Lincoln's first moments with a pumpkin. Last week I returned and hung out with him again, this time putting up some Christmas lights ;)

Lee & Derek, you have such a handsome little boy! Thank you for allowing me to capture some precious moments. I hope you enjoy these photos for years to come.

One of my favourites!
We played with giant glittery snowflakes, while Lexi, the family's adorable miniature schnauzer looked on :)
This is how you put on Christmas lights people! :D
This set below just cracks me up! Lincoln was clearly having the time of his life with his musical rocking chair.
Lexi joined in for a family photo and gave Lincoln a kiss!

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